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August 25, 2009

George Gatgounis


Rev. Dr. George Joseph Gatgounis, a Harvard alumnus, holds four master degrees, and three earned academic doctoral degrees. He currently serves as Secretary-Treasurer of the Harvard Club of South Carolina, and is a member of the Harvard Faculty Club. He is a prolific author, with numerous forthcoming works ranging in subject matter including exegesis, theology, religion, history, law, politics, foreign policy, and even science fiction. He has published Calvin the Magistrate. His forthcoming works include The Puritan View of Substantive Biblical Law, International Law Afloat on a Sea of Religious Ethics, Governmental Integrity and the Future of American Democracy, The Robert Hussein Case and its Implications for American Foreign Policy, Exegesis and Sermonic Development, and Radbertus and Ratramnus. A licensed attorney and litigator since 1994, he is also a South Carolina Supreme Court certified mediator and arbitrator, and a TASA and nationally known expert witness in religion. He has formally served as a Harvard Chaplain, jail chaplain, and nursing home chaplain, and currently also serves as a minister in Charleston, S.C., and is available for legal representation, confidential consultation, as well as public debates, conferences, sermons, and speeches.