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April 22, 2010

Create an Earth-Safe Church

Green practices can be a testament to good stewardship and an outreach opportunity.


Going "green" is a popular expression in today's eco-minded culture. Ministries are not exempt from environmental responsibility. In fact, green practices can be a testament to good stewardship and an outreach opportunity.

Under Construction

Go with the flow. Incorporate natural features, such as hills and slopes, into any new building designs to minimize disturbance.

Choose local materials. Whenever possible use materials produced locally. The energy saved in transporting the materials can be used elsewhere.

A lot of options. Consider ways to divert parking lot runoff with green space and water-friendly plants. Use porous surface materials for any new parking structures.

A window of opportunity. Install energy-efficient windows that can open and close. Take advantage of natural ventilation.

Everyday Activities

Bright ideas. Use sensors that automatically turn lights on and off based on the activity levels detected.

Check the label. Watch out for materials like adhesives, sealants and paint. They can emit harmful chemicals as they dry and cure.

Consider a heat pump. A geothermal heat pump uses electricity to move heat from the building to the ground in summer and from the ground to the building in the winter. A heat pump can trim heating and cooling costs by 30 to 40 percent.

We've got you surrounded. Flank buildings with trees, plants, and grass to reduce heating and cooling costs. Properly placed landscaping can provide natural barriers to sunlight and energy-saving windbreaks.

This article originally appeared on ChurchSafety.com.

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Churches are including more and more production elements, and not only in special services. We are installing theater lighting, sound systems, and other high-powered equipment to contemporize our worship. With the advent of contemporary worship has come a new set of safety concerns in the church. This download is designed to bring awareness of the dangers that come with worship production and to offer practical advice to reduce the risk of such accidents occurring. Taking safety precautions seriously is vital to the well-being of your building and congregation.

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