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October 18, 2011

Dealing with Unpredictable Giving

Getting a handle on the weekly ups and downs with tithes.

Vonna Laue, a partner with Capin Crouse and an Editorial Advisor for Christianity Today International's Church Management Team, discusses key points for why churches encounter giving declines, how to track giving, and how to encourage additional giving.

Watch the four-minute video below:

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Dealing with Unpredictable Giving:

1. Focus ALWAYS on obedience to Christ's "Great Commission" of the church (i.e., evangelism);
2. Calculate the congregation's weekly per cap rate of giving (e.g., in the SBC: about $30 per person per week);
3. Set annual new member goals--and work consistently to reach them;
4. Multiply projected new member increase by per cap rate of giving, add product to total annual receipts = projected total revenues for next fiscal year;
5. Do not give up--work the plan; money problems stay solved as Christian congregations remain focused on evangelism (otherwise, a church only is a "Christian club" and God has not obligated Himself to support the activities of one of them--only of evangelistic churches on mission with Him for world redemption; more: dgtroublefield@netzero.com).

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