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March 20, 2012

What Is Your Hope for the Church?

Tell us yours and then read what others are saying.

As I travel the country and interact with church administrators, executive pastors, treasurers, and bookkeepers, I’m often reminded of the steadfast commitment these people bring to their roles and their churches. Because of the nature of their duties and responsibilities—crunching numbers, hiring a new staff member, or implementing a new safety policy, to name a few—it’s easy for their work to go overlooked, at times even underappreciated. It’s unfortunate, because what these men and women do each day helps make ministry flow at churches throughout the country.

It’s also unfortunate because it’s easy for senior pastors, worship leaders, or church board chairs to forget that these men and women have visions, dreams, and hopes for their churches, too. They’re not all about paperwork and policies, although some may get energized by handling those things. They do their jobs because they want to serve the Lord, and as a part of that desire, they see new opportunities, dream big ideas, and genuinely hope their churches advance to greater heights.

Christianity Today, the global media ministry that publishes this site, recently unveiled a new look and a new initiative that encourages people of all backgrounds, roles, and responsibilities to share their hopes for the church. For those of you who regularly read this site, and deal with the administrative, accounting, legal, financial, and risk management duties in your churches, this is your invitation to join the conversation.

It’s my hope you feel valued, appreciated, and heard in your roles. Whether you are or aren’t, though, this is your opportunity to be heard on a larger platform. Take a few minutes to share your hope for the church right now (the first 1,000 to respond on ChristianityToday.org/Hope receive free, one-year subscriptions to Christianity Today magazine). Read what hundreds of others have already said. And spread the word to your friends, family, and social media networks (if you’re on Twitter, use #hopeforthechurch as your hashtag, and make sure to follow me at @MattBranaugh and tell me you’ve participated).

Matt Branaugh is director of editorial for Christianity Today's church management publications and resources. His duties include editing the Church Law & Tax Report and Church Finance Today newsletters, ChurchLawAndTax.com, and ManagingYourChurch.com, as well as leading an editorial team of four people. He also writes the Church Law & Tax Update, Church Finance Update, and Church Management Update e-newsletters, and the "Office Toolkit" column for Leadership Journal.

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