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June 28, 2012

Health Care Ruling Preserves Credit for Churches

Eligible churches could receive thousands of dollars for their coverage.

This morning's Supreme Court decision to largely uphold President Obama's health care reform legislation appears to preserve a health insurance credit for small employers, including churches, to help cover the costs of providing coverage to employees.

This means churches that meet certain criteria remain able over the next few years to apply for the credit.

To fully understand the credit and how it works, Richard Hammar recorded a brief video explanation last year and also wrote a Feature Report covering the numerous details of the provision. Eligible churches that use a fiscal calendar year ending December 31 will use May 15 deadlines, while those using a different fiscal year will use a deadline of the 15th day of the 5th month after their fiscal year closes.

Some churches who have applied for the credit have received thousands of dollars. Others have said they have encountered lengthy delays from the IRS with the processing of their applications.

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Where does it end? We already get tax breaks on our tithes/giving to help us become cheerful givers and now another benefit to draw us deeper into... How many ways is the Church already being held hostage because we've taken in such good deals from the government? Well, we can't preach the Word if it offends certain groups of people. If the offended are, say, homosexual then the penalty goes up because we now hate them because we love them. Preach conservative politics or point out who is pro-choice in church - forget it! Thank you almighty tax exempt status! I think the government should at least give us free rolls of duck tape for keeping our mouths shut (free string too). Don't fight it and if you ever happen to read a book called Revelation, you'll be proud because your church will be mentioned.

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