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August 29, 2013

Who's the Most Influential Teacher on Giving?

The same one who helps us open our hearts also helps us open our wallets.

Churchgoers learn to be generous throughout their lives. Most develop the habit of generous giving when they're young, according to results from our latest State of the Plate research. We combined results from this and the previous four years of State of the Plate surveys to create a comprehensive look at the habits of tithers, people who give 10 percent or more of their income to churches, nonprofits, or benevolent causes. In the infographic below, we highlight the top ways people say they learn about generous giving. Who's the most influential person when it comes to teaching and inspiring generosity among churchgoers? The same one who helps us open our hearts to God also helps us open our wallets: our pastor.

Who's been most influential in your life when it comes to learning about tithing and how to manage your money biblically?


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No doubt Lord Jesus Christ is the best teacher on giving.

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