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September 12, 2013

Surprise! Labor Department Says U.S. Households' Religious Giving Went Up

Average spending by household surpassed 2008 peak, report says.


An interesting stat surfaced Tuesday via The Wall Street Journal: A new Labor Department report on consumer spending showed U.S. households spent $51,442 on average in 2012, which surpassed the prior peak of $50,486 reached in 2008.

Interestingly enough, the Labor Department says American households spent more in their religious giving. The Journal notes:

So what did Americans spend more on in 2012? Cars, for one: Spending on vehicle purchases rose more than 20% from 2011. Health insurance, for two: Spending on that category rose 7.2%. And, perhaps less obviously, faith: The average American household gave $734 to churches and religious organizations in 2012, up from $649 in 2011.

We've previously looked at giving for churches through our 2013 State of the Plate survey of Protestant churches nationwide.

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